Wednesday, March 31, 2010

too many pictures on the wall.

How do I do this?

I want to put too many pictures on my wall and make them look beautiful. Anyone know the secret to it looking beautiful and not just cluttered?

Spring, oh beautiful spring.

Can we keep this weather please? Thanks.

As beautiful as I find these umbrellas on the Toronto Harbourfront, It makes me miss real beaches.

Vintage Wedding Dresses.

I know it's weird. I'm not in denial over it. I love love love love vintage wedding dresses. There's just something about how glamorous they are; lace, beading, handwork, *sigh.

I love looking at wedding dresses at thrift stores, ebay and on I look at them a lot on etsy. I'll probably be that crazy girl who buys a wedding dress before I get engaged, or even find a boyfriend. HAHA.

My favourites to search are the designer Gunne Sax, and anything 1950's

Beautiful 1970's prairie-revival style.

Simplistic 50's...