Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY #3 Dyed Leather.

3. DIY Dyed  Leather Shoes.
I've been dying to try leather dye.... but seriously, 
In my closest I found a ratty pair of ratty leather Michael Kors flats I didn't have the heart to throw away. They're the most comfortable shoes, super soft leather and rubber soles. I get a new pair every year because I always wear them out.

I bought Fiebings Leather Dye (light blue)  from Tandy Leather Factory  to give my old shoes a new life. After 2 coats of dye and a polish with Fiebings Leather Balm, I think they look great!  Only thing is the colour is not close to the swatch given, but it's still a pretty colour.

         Scuffed old MK's Before: (and Mookie getting his paw in there!)

Old Vs One coat of dye 
Dye was applied with the fluffy brush it came with and I used a small paint brush for the details.
I also used rubber gloves because it dyes your skin pretty well too!

 Left: 2 coats of dye and a coat of balm.  Right: 2 coats of dye without balm (is kind of purple metallic-y)
The dye on the rivets came off with a damp cloth.

 The finished product, wearable blue flats!

Swatch: The actually dye (even on white paper) is more cobalt than this. I figured it would come out a little darker on the brown leather, but I was surprised it was this Navy.

DIY #2 Leather look Peter Pan Collar.

2. DIY Faux Leather Removable / Detachable Peter Pan Collar. 

This is done from a tutorial on HonestlyWTF (I love their DIY's!)    I used some black faux leather fabric I had kicking around, and a stud from my  DYI Studded Denim Shorts Project.   If you don't have a leather punch (I love mine), you can use a regular paper hole punch.  If you don't have leather or faux leather handy you could use felt (like the tutorial suggests) or anything that doesn't fray.

Here's my final collar:

DIY #1 Studded Demin Shorts.

I've been working a lot the last couple of weeks so I've been trying NOT to do project. Well, so far that hasn't been the case. I have a long list of projects to try this summer, here are 3 I couldn't wait any longer to do.

1. DIY Studded Denim shorts. 
I bought studs from this Etsy Seller, Crushcrush. It was as easy as lining them up where I wanted them on the shorts, then pushed them through and bent the prongs back. These are cut off shorts from a pair of jeans I inherited from a friend (Thanks Tyler) after a 90's themed birthday party!

Orange, Gunmetal, Black and Silver Studs:

 Front shorts, silver studs, and one orange stud:

 Back Shorts:

My Studded Shorts: