Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bitch Plates.

This would be in response to miss Kate's blog post:

Kate, I would have picked some of these up for you to eat bitchy bundt cakes and cupcakes(etc) off of, except, I'm selfish and poor and could only get my hands on 4 of them. lol, you'll have to make due with the mental image of me eating bitchy bundt cakes and cupcakes off of them.

I told my Mom about these plates. Mom says: Can I borrow them?


Good old Urban Outfitters!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Bring your own wine.... it's something I always thought of as expensive and pretentious but luckily I stumbled onto a useful site today:

Lets you know the corkage fees for 100's of restaurants in Toronto, as well as across Canada (Even lots in Halifax!)

Check em out, there are tons that are only $10 fees (some for free too in T.O!) Makes it easy to enjoy a nice wine with dinner without breaking the bank!

Who's down for bringing some wine to Jane's On The Common?? yes pleaseeeee!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jeff Friesen. updated!

It's no secret I'm completely addicted to I've made some prettty fab purchases so far this year, and a couple more I'll post to show off as soon as they get to me!
This is something I haven't purchased YET. I stumbled on Jeff Friesen's work while I was looking on Etsy's Shop Local for Halifax. I love this guy's sense of humour!

Jeff is a Halifax based photographer. His etsy shop has a series of "Wild Life Prints". They are so clever, fun and beautiful.

I put a couple of my favourites together on photoshop to show you, and I was being REALLY picky to choose the ones I loved best. Narrowing it down to 12 isn't bad is it?

I'm planning on buying 4 prints, but I'm having trouble deciding. I know I want the lion for sure :)

But Seriously guys, check out his stuff!!

This is his Etsy shop:
This is his site:

Thanks to some of my loyal blog followers (hehe), I recieved 3 of these prints for my birthday! I just purchased the Lion and recieved it today, along with a bonus print with 2 bunnies!! I love them! They really brighten up my grey powder room.
Thank you!!
My bunnies! I just need to find a good home for them:)