Friday, October 22, 2010


I've been trying to get my life organized. Storage is my key to success, so I've been finding a home for everything. Today I worked on my sewing stuff; built a $45 book shelf from home depot, found a place for my vintage sewing patterns and folded and put away a whole bunch of fabric.
My front entrance is all finished (except... maybe I want a floor length mirror....)

Note my lady lamp and my horse poster :)

some fabric....

It's like the top drawers were made for patterns!
I have been given tons of vintage patterns, what great references,

Most of them are from the mid 60's- late 80's. so fun!

Bookshelf isn't full yet, but has lots of sewing/drafting and fashion info!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bird house.

When I got back to Nova Scotia this summer I got to the beach as often as I could. On one trip to Martinique Beach with Brent I found some pretty birdhouses for sale on the East Petpeswick Road.
Cost? Honour system of leaving $5 in a bin. Sold!

Martinique Beach

New home for the bird house :)

Lovely lady lamps.

I found these 2 lamps ages ago at my favourite antique store in Halifax, Urban Cottage. (1819 Granville St). I loved them so much, each has 3 lovely Grecian ladies. I gave them a complete face lift; white gloss paint, new wiring, new harps, and new shades.

Here's the change of one of them :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Living room.

So my place is slowing, but surely coming together.
I spend a lot of time in my living room, and it's getting very comfortable!
I'm leaving one area unphotographed because I want to wait until my TV is mounted on the wall and my vintage lamps are rewired!! Couldn't wait to show you the rest though. I'm also having camera issues, so you get iphone pics....

This is my front enterance:

This is currently what my kitchen looks like, should have a mircowave by the end of the day!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Painted Ceilings.

About time for a new post!!
I'll try to keep my promise to share more with you.

I'm totally into the idea of a painted ceiling right now. Maybe this could brighten up my blah kitchen?

This is so neat!

But who am I kidding, I still have to paint my bathroom and hang wallpaper in my bedroom! (and one million other things...)