Sunday, January 30, 2011

Behida Dolić.

Lately I've been wasting time in the Killam Library before class looking at vintage clothing books. I love love vintage hats, but sadly I'm a lot bigger than the average woman was 50+ years ago... so along with vintage gloves and shoes, they're hard to find!
I am DROOLING over these amazing hats by Behida Dolić. She is a Bosnian designer now based out of Berkeley, California.
These hats are so 1940's but with lovely modern twists. If I had some extra cash laying around I would love to own one of this statement hats. They're priced $150-$450. These are some of my favourites, clearly I had trouble narrowing it down:

Her shop:


Here's a collection of illustrations by my dear friend Ronnie sent to me over msn. They make me rather happy, Enjoy:


Check out these awesome watches from Marianne Handcrafted Watch Studio, watch designers from Korea.

A little pricey with watches from about $130-$280, but they are SO up my alley!
These are some of my favs:

This watch has cat ears!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Diamond Ring.

uh oh, I've been neglecting my blog!

Found this awesome pin cushion on Etsy today, thought I'd share!
This is so perfect for the fashionista designer! hehe

and only $20, not bad!
See at: