Monday, February 28, 2011

c-3po love.

After finding out about the super cool clothes from Black Milk
( I've been stalking their facebook group as often as possible ( If you're not already a fan, you should be. I want everything they sell, sadly the old bank account doesn't feel the same. :(

When I found out they were discontinuing the "Threepio" suit, I had to jump on it. My inner nerd would never forgive me if I didn't!
It has arrived all the way from Australia! I LOVE IT.

Sorry about the tacky mirror shot, but I just wanted to share:) Bring on the summer!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have a shoe addiction. But honestly, who doesnt?

I love love the Free People online store. I dream about how cool I would be if I could afford more of their clothes. LOL

Today, here are some shoes I want to rock this spring:
(the 2 pairs of sandals are Jeffrey Campbell, which is one of my fav shoe brands, and I think I need a replacement for my JC Gladiators that finally wore out this summer:( )