Monday, August 29, 2011

Awkward Hug.

I am a huge Harry Potter fan, I have been since 1999.
this has to be the MOST AWKWARD hug in the history of film hugs.
From Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

& for me, this is a classic giggle(and most likely why EB and I are such good friends). From Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince....ohhh Warner Brothers, Dumbledore SO wouldn't makes this face!


This is just a little follow up on my April 2nd post of things I wanted in spring( Since we didn't have a spring (just rain), my wish list carried over nicely into summer.
I did extremely well with my list, here is what I came out with!

1. Sam Edelman's: My big splurge of the summer, these fantastic shoes make my life very happy!! For some reason I don't have a good picture of me in them, so this is all I can do:
2. Round Sunglasses: I ended up with a wonderful pair of round Ray Bans that Jonathan got for me in Vancouver, BC. Picture also includes #5, Vintage Hat
3. Backpack: I got this cute faux leather backpack at Spring for back to school!
4. Tassels: I got 2 tasseled pieces that I love, a faux leather belt a la H&M and Runway by Joe Fresh leather heels.

5.Vintage Hat: I got this hat at Urban Cottage Antiques and Collectibles (1819 Granville Street, Halifax, NS). See above for pic.
This is my favorite antique shop in the city and I've got a lot of great items there from this hat, to my 1940's bed frame and everywhere in between including chairs, coffee table, lamps and jewelry!

6. I've looked all over, I couldn't find any double rings I like in Halifax or Toronto! Next stop!

7.Replacement Leather Jacket: I've been searching for a new leather jacket because mine was in pretty bad shape! It took about a year to find one I wanted, and I ended up with this super cool Levi's jacket from Kensington Market in Toronto, On. $49 well spent!

Even though lots of these pieces will carry over into Fall for me, I'm sure I'll have a Fall/Winter wish list soon!

Friday, August 26, 2011

I want these right meow!!

Jeffrey Campbell Kitten Tapestry Lita's.
omg, need.

See at:
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